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Automation Unbuzzed: Process Mining

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What does the Process Mining eBook contains?

The Process Mining eBook contains a wide range of fundamental topics regarding the cosmos of this future-proof technology. Besides the obligatory definition, the introductory chapter describes the reasons why Process Mining is so crucial for you and your company's success, how it basically works, which main components it consists of, and how you can take the first steps for a successful implementation. Furthermore, there is a short excursion into the development and definition of this technology by its inventor Wil van der Aalst.

In the main chapters of the Process Mining eBook you will dive deeper into the matter of this technology and learn more about the endless applications and fields of use as well as the advantages it brings along.

In further sections of the Process Mining eBook you will get all the tools you need to independently and professionally find the right software vendors for Process Mining tools. You will also find an overview of the numerous Process Mining training opportunities to effectively navigate the jungle of possibilities without getting lost.

Towards the end of the Process Mining eBook there are a few use cases (everybody loves use cases!) and a final classification in the automation context.

Who is this Process Mining eBook for?

The Process Mining eBook is for you if you want to not only improve, but perfect your personal or your company’s processes. Process mining is the MRI for processes and reveals the most glaring errors and weaknesses in any process It is therefore the most important tool in the fight against ineffectiveness. Furthermore, it is the foundation of any process automation.

The Process Mining eBook not only gives you a first detailed insight into the world of effective process management, but also into the world of automation. If this is your jam, you definitly should have a look into it.

Which technologies are presented in this eBook?

The Process Mining eBook offers you an overview of all topics around Process Mining, but of course also other related or based technologies. Technologies of Process Automation (RPA, also play a role, which you can read about in this Process Mining eBook.

What is the focus of the Process Mining eBook?

The focus of the Process Mining eBook is on the introduction and description of process mining as an essential part of your companies success. On more than 50 pages you will not only learn the definitions and explanations of various aspects, but also get access to all the tools needed to go further yourself in the search or the perfect process.

Other things that I will learn in this eBook?

In addition to the general topics around the said technology, the Process Mining eBook takes you on a dive through the process mining layers. For example, you get to know the players when it comes to tools and training, without having to do extensive research yourself.

But probably the most noteworthy addition is the Lufthansa use case, which shows you the full extent of an implementation of process mining technology. If you do not recognize the power of process mining after that, then we don't know what to do.

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