PL900 Certification prep

Delve into the depths of the Microsoft Power Platform and get ready to take the PL900 exam. This coaching module gives you the background theory and hands-on practice needed to build simple Power Apps, connect data sources, and automate processes with MS Power Platform. This course does not include the exam registration (hosted by Microsoft).

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Study time
9-12 h self-study
3 x 2 h live sessions
6-12 weeks
Recommended format
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Skills you’ll acquire

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Get Familiar with MS Power Platform

Learn the business value and product capabilities of Microsoft Power Platform and understand how it can be used to build simple Power Apps.

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Prepare for the PL900 Exam

Understand the foundational components of MS Power Platform and be able to describe how to build applications, automations, and integrations using its suite of tools.

Who is this for

The coaching is specifically for aspiring Power Platform developers and IT professionals with basic experience in MS Power Platform.

It's suitable for all types of business users, from project managers and team leaders to specialists.


Basic experience with MS Power Platform is required.

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Hours of Automation Content


Module 1
Module 1
Module 1
Apps & Automations
Reporting & Integrations
Meet The Mavericks

Your pl900 certification prep Coaches

photo of alisa kliuchnikava woman smiling with long hair

Alisa Kliuchnikava

Bots & People
Alisa is our in-house Senior Automation Engineer and she is a real wizard with experience developing complex automation solutions.
photo of florian kleinz man in a blue shirt

Florian Kleinz

PowerDoc 365
As a Power Platform guru, Florian helps companies digitize and automate processes. He's also a passionate trainer and has a long experience in imparting his knowledge.

We’re good at it!

Just ask our students.

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"Super great experience! Real passion with relevant content! Clear recommendation for everyone who doesn't just want to observe the future happening, but wants to shape it themselves!"
Gia Thi Nguyen
Head of Operational Excellence, Siemens
"This course is really so much fun - and even more so when you see how much heart and soul the creators have put into it! Finally, a course that fully introduces you to the automation era. Here, not only tools are shown, but our awareness of processes and technology is changed! Kudos and a huge thank you for this! Looking forward to all the future sessions!"
Viktoria Sheyko
Personal Identity Consultant, KPMG
"Really good continuing education for all who want to approach the topic of automation. Not only a modern and innovative topic but also a modern and innovative way of further education (online courses, networking, etc). Absolute recommendation!"
Christoph Piller
IU International University of Applied Sciences
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