Automation Agent

Level up your grasp of the automation lifecycle, from planning to delivery. Learn to discover and prioritize processes, manage stakeholders, and navigate change. This track focuses on group work to facilitate synergies, meaning that you'll leverage peer collaboration and expert feedback to review and set up your automation projects for success. At the end of the course, you'll have at least five prioritized processes ready for automation.

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Study time
Up to 9 hours of self-study
3 x 2h live sessions
3-6 Weeks
Recommended format
Live Cohort
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Skills you’ll acquire

Navigate Automation Projects

Gain a deep understanding of the automation lifecycle. Get to grips with project planning, execution and stakeholder management.

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Evaluate Automation Projects

Boost your ability to evaluate the success of automation projects. You'll also learn how to set measurable goals and track the progress of automation projects.

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Prioritize & Analyze Processes

Learn how to identify, analyze, and rank business processes for optimization. Master business process discovery, documentation, and prioritization techniques.

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Stakeholder Management

Identify and collaborate with relevant stakeholders, manage resistance to change, and encourage the adoption of new processes. Learn to apply the key tools and measures for change processes.

Who is this for

The Automation Agent is for business users with basic automation knowledge and is the perfect continuation to the Automation Awareness Workshop.


You should have a good understanding of business processes and some awareness of process automation. You don't need any coding skills for this learning track.

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Graduation rate
4.5 out of 5 star rating
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Module 1
Module 1
Module 1
Road to Automation
Process Discovery
Process Documentation
Benefits & KPIs
Tools & Technologies
Change Management
Meet The Mavericks

Your Automation Agent Coaches

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Enver Cetin

A Senior Manager of Intelligent Automation and AI, Enver has a background in business informatics. He is an expert at digitizing, optimizing, and automating processes.
photo of michaela brandl wearing a dotted white shirt

Michaela Brandl

Michaela has a long experience in process analysis and management. She is currently responsible for amplifying RPA capabilities and competencies at Bilfinger.

Christoph Piller

Process Wizard
Chris is a Process Sprint Knight and has advised a wide range of businesses on process management. He has a track record of designing complex automation solutions.

Jurek Malinowski

Jurek Digitale Prozesse
Jurek has extensive automation experience in the banking and insurance sector, having worked for Deutsche Bank and Deloitte. Now, he is a freelance consultant and digitalization lecturer.

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Just ask our students.

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"Super great experience! Real passion with relevant content! Clear recommendation for everyone who doesn't just want to observe the future happening, but wants to shape it themselves!"
Gia Thi Nguyen
Head of Operational Excellence, Siemens
"This course is really so much fun - and even more so when you see how much heart and soul the creators have put into it! Finally, a course that fully introduces you to the automation era. Here, not only tools are shown, but our awareness of processes and technology is changed! Kudos and a huge thank you for this! Looking forward to all the future sessions!"
Viktoria Sheyko
Personal Identity Consultant, KPMG
"Really good continuing education for all who want to approach the topic of automation. Not only a modern and innovative topic but also a modern and innovative way of further education (online courses, networking, etc). Absolute recommendation!"
Christoph Piller
IU International University of Applied Sciences
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