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Based on your needs we offer the following learning tracks
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Learning tracks for everyone in your organization

We cover all your needs. Our expert trainers take your workforce by the hand and guide them through our learning tracks. In addition, every learner gets full access to our Automation Academy for autonomous training available on demand.

Automation Starter

On this learning track, you will get to know what automation means and how the world of automation has developed in recent years. Get an insight into the history of automation and a current market overview. Understand what exactly processes are and how different automation processes merge inside a company. The organization and the different roles in the company as well as which data you need will also be addressed. In addition, we will present various practical examples from real companies.

The Learning Modules

  • A1: Automation Intro
  • A2: Automation Fundamentals
  • A3: Process Management
  • A4: Corporate Automation
  • A5: Data & Automation
  • A6: Automation Examples
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Automation Agent

Learn how to identify and leverage automation potential. Implement your ideas in a process model, understand the flow of an automation project and calculate the KPIs and the business case. Get an overview of the common technologies and tools on the market and understand their differences. Also, learn how to convince other stakeholders of the potential of your automation project.

The Learning Modules

  • B1: Road to Automation
  • B2: Process Discovery
  • B3: Process Documentation
  • B4: Benefits & KPIs
  • B5: Tools & Technologies
  • B6: Change Management
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Automation Leader

Understand the economic impact of automation and how the current automation market looks like. Learn about the relevant players, how the landscape developed in the last years and what is predicted for the future. Get first-hand knowledge about relevant strategy approaches, the right technology decision, and the necessary manpower when setting up an automation initiative. Knowing about the necessary technical infrastructure will help you to estimate the time and effort of your initiative in the best possible way.

The Learning Modules

  • C1: Economic Relevance of Automation
  • C2: Automation Market
  • C3: Automation Initiative
  • C4: Automation Strategy
  • C5: Automation Infrastructure
  • C6: Future of Automation
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Automation Strategist

With the strategic learning track, you will become the master of automation. Become able to understand the economic impact of your automation initiatives, know how to set them up correctly and what to consider. You‘ll learn how to choose the right technology and how to orchestrate all elements in the best possible way. Furthermore, you get our best approach for not only setting up but also taking the organization and all stakeholders along the way. We‘ll provide you with experience from the field and get you to be able to automate your first, own case.

The Learning Modules

  • C1: Economic Relevance of Automation
  • C2: Automation Market
  • D1: Tools & Capabilities
  • D2: Governance
  • C5: Automation Infrastructure
  • C3: Automation Initiative
  • C4: Automation Strategy
  • B6: Change Management
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Automation Seller

Need to talk about automation to your clients? No worries, we‘ve got you! In this learning track, you will learn all the relevant information to be able to talk to clients, customers, and leads about automation. You will get to know about the market situation as well as the available tools and technologies. Get an understanding of how to set up an automation initiative and how to calculate the business case. Further, you can also sell your automation story and give an outlook on the future of automation.

The Learning Modules

  • C1: Economic Relevance of Automation
  • C2: Automation Market
  • C3: Automation Initiative
  • C4: Automation Strategy
  • B4: Benefits & KPIs
  • B5: Tools & Technologies
  • B6: Change Management
  • C6: Future of Automation
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Automation Tech Intro

With the previous modules A-D, you have built the perfect foundation for your Automation Journey. Now, get to know individual topics better through our various, specialized Tech Intros! Each Tech Intro covers a new, exciting topic to broaden your knowledge in the world of automation. The respective Tech Intros are accompanied by different trainers, each of whom is an expert in their field. These modules give you a better understanding of how each technology works and serve as a foundation to solve the cases in our Automation Builder track.

The Learning Modules

  • E1: Process Mining
  • E2: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • E3: Integration Platform As A Service (IPaaS)
  • E4: Low Code / No Code - MS PowerPlatform
  • E5: Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    E6: Conversational AI

Automation Builder

During the Automation Builder track you will have the opportunity to see various showcases and understand how all technologies work in practice. In addition, you will also be able to solve some cases yourself - of course with sufficient help and sample solutions from our technical experts! You will develop a deep understanding of how to use the technologies and get to know the relevant tools like UiPath, Microsoft Power Platform, and Celonis & Co. firsthand.

The Learning Modules

  • F1: Process Mining - Use Case
  • F2: RPA - Use Case
  • F3: IPaaS - Use Case
  • F4: Low Code - Use Case
  • F5: OCR - Showcase
  • F6: Change Management - Showcase
  • F7: Power Apps - Use Case
  • F8: Public Tender - Showcase
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Citizen Developer

Become a Citizen Developer and become able to automate processes in your department on your own! From identifying the suitable processes to optimizing them, measuring the KPIs, and building the automation yourself – all the knowledge in one hand. With this track, you not only learn how to do all of that – you will also earn a relevant certificate from the provider of your choice. This could be for example the UiPath Associate or the Power Platform Fundamentals. We‘ll be your sparring partner along your automation journey.

The Learning Modules

  • B1: Process Design
  • B2: Automation Lifecycle
  • B3: Automation Lifecycle in Practice
  • B4: Benefits & KPIs
  • B5: Tools & Technologies
  • B6: Change Management
  • Tech Intro of your choice
  • Automation Builder course of your choice
  • Certification of your choice
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Who are the instructors?

Our Automation Coaches

Sarah Topping

Senior Intelligent Automation Consultant

Julian Beckers

Director of Automation

Franziska Dallmann

AI Engineer
Business Consulting House

Dr. Sandro Lombardo

AI Manager
Business Consulting House

Philipp Steinmeyer

Entrepreneur In Residence
Bots & People

Plamena Maleva

Chief Of Staff
Bots & People

Florian Kleinz

Founder & CEO
Power Doc 365

Nina Appler

Process & Change Manager

Michaela Brandl

Digitalization & Automation Manager

Maximilian Mehrpour

Project Manager
Bots & People

Andreas Zehent

Senior Director Strategic Customer Transformation

Boris Fidler

Senior RPA Developer

Sarah Topping

Intelligent Automation Consultant

Alisa Kliuchnikava

Automation Engineer
Bots & People

Sabine Nortmann

Learning Lead
Bots & People

Oliver Nagel

Bots & People

Jurek Malinowski

Jurek Digitale Prozesse

Enver Cetin

Process & Digital Excellence Lead
Andreas Schmid Group

Mohammed Al Ghadban

Director Platform Engineering

Sebastian Mertens


Nico Bitzer

Bots & People
People who learned with us say


Super great experience! Real passion with relevant content! Clear recommendation for everyone who doesn't just want to observe the future happening, but wants to shape it themselves!

Gia Thi Nguyen

Really good continuing education for all who want to approach the topic of automation. Not only a modern and innovative topic but also a modern and innovative way of further education (online courses, networking, etc). Absolute recommendation!

Christoph Piller

This course is really so much fun - and even more so when you see how much heart and soul the creators have put into it! Finally, a course that fully introduces you to the automation era. Here, not only tools are shown, but our awareness of processes and technology is changed! Kudos and a huge thank you for this! Looking forward to all the future sessions!

Viktoria Sheyko

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Case Study

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Case Study

Frankfurt Airport (Fraport)

Fraport joined forces with Bots & People and took part in a training at the Automation Academy. The goal was to educate Fraport employees on Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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"We got exactly what we wanted. It was strongly practice-oriented and that is exactly what I appreciate so much about Bots & People. For me, that's what sets it apart from other providers."

Sebastian Fay
Project Manager Process Automation in Finance | Internal Control System | FRAPORT AG
Case Study


Automation Pioneer Program: jointly organized by T-Systems International, RWTH Business School and Bots & People. The aim was to train technology consultants and sales staff in the field of process automation in order to build up in-house expertise.

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We particularly liked the comprehensive content coverage of the topics and technologies relevant to us as well as the inspiring lecturers in the virtual classroom as well as in the video. Our colleagues were provided with a holistic view of the topic of hyperautomation, giving them the opportunity to discuss their challenges together with the experts and work out possible solutions.

Dominik Ohl
Squad Lead | Learning & Development | T-Systems

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