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Automation Starter


Automation Starter


During this learning track you will get to know what automation means and how the world of automation has developed in recent years. Get an insight into the history of automation and a current market overview. Understand what exactly processes are and how different automation processes merge inside a company. The organization and the different roles in the company as well as which data you need will also be addressed. In addition, we will present various practical examples from real companies.

We’ll facilitate this track for you and your organization. This means we provide live sessions around the following modules below. This combined approach of digital training and our human facilitation will ensure your team’s foundation and automation understanding is rock solid.

What will you learn in the

Automation Starter

learning track?

The learning track consists of 6 modules and takes around 5-6 hours of learning time in total. Here is an overview of the single modules:

Automation Intro

✔️ The root of automation

✔️ Automation Mindset

✔️ The jobs-to-be-done approach

Automation Fundamentals

✔️ The Meaning of Process Automation in a modern world

✔️ Overview of setting up an IT landscape

✔️ Where to look for automation potentials

✔️ The purpose of Process Automation

Process Management

✔️ Process Characteristics and Definition

✔️ Process Components

✔️ Process Management

Corporate Automation

✔️ Intro to the corporate automation world

✔️ Automation dimensions in a company

✔️ The automation roles and functionalities

Data & Automation

✔️ The Importance of data

✔️ What is data and where to find it

✔️ Data utilization for Process Automation

Examples of Automation

✔️ Examples of Process Automation on enterprise, SME, and Start-Up level

✔️ First steps of Process Automation initiatives on different levels

Who is the

Automation Starter


The learning track is specifically aimed at beginners who have just started their automation journey. There is no previous experience necessary. The goal of this track is to create awareness for the topic of automation, to understand the most relevant terms and the concept of the technologies used without going into too many technical details. There is an exam available to get the Automation Starter Certificate.

Who will coach you in the

Automation Starter


Nico Bitzer
Bots & People
Sabine Nortmann
Bots & People

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Automation Starter

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