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Citizen Developer Advanced

Citizen Developer - Advanced

Citizen Developer Advanced


In this learning program, you will learn how to build complex Automation Solutions and understand the scope of bigger automation projects and technical implementations. You can choose to focus either on Microsoft Power Platform or on UiPath solutions, depending on the technical setup of your organization.

We’ll facilitate this program for you and your organization. This means we provide a live session each week where you will get dedicated coaching for your own solution. This combined approach of digital training and human facilitation will ensure your team’s understanding of citizen development best practices is rock solid.

What will you learn in the

Citizen Developer Advanced

learning track?

The learning track spans for 6 months or longer and includes around 50-80 hours of learning time in total, with one live coaching session (1 hour) and 1-2 hours of self-learning each week. 

This is a hands-on program that allows you to dive into practical applications and receive feedback from experienced automation practitioners in one-to-one or one-to-many sessions. During the individual study time, you will focus on building your own applications, but will also have the chance to expand your knowledge with the on-demand course content available in the academy.

Who is the

Citizen Developer Advanced


The Advanced Citizen Developer course is designed for automation Key Users who want to learn how to develop their own solutions and implement them in their everyday work.

It is suitable for all types of business users with preexisting automation knowledge and experience with either UiPath or MS Power Platform, who want to advance their skills and expand the complexity of their automation solutions.

Who will coach you in the

Citizen Developer Advanced


Michaela Brandl
Alisa Kliuchnikava
Bots & People
Enver Cetin
Ciklum Western Europe
Florian Kleinz
Power Doc 365

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Citizen Developer Advanced

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