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Automation Agent


Automation Agent


During this learning track you will learn how to identify and leverage automation potential. Implement your ideas in a process model, understand the flow of an automation project and calculate the KPIs and the business case. Get an overview of the common technologies and tools on the market and understand their differences. Also, learn how to convince other stakeholders of the potential of your automation project.

We’ll facilitate this track for you and your organization. This means we provide live sessions around the following modules below. This combined approach of digital training and our human facilitation will ensure your team’s foundation and automation understanding is rock solid.

What will you learn in the

Automation Agent

learning track?

The learning track consists of 6 modules and takes around 5-6 hours of learning time in total. Here is an overview of the single modules:

Road to Automation

✔️ Automation Lifecycle and its individual steps

✔️ Navigation of complex automation projects

Process Discovery

✔️ Process Optimization & Process Design

✔️ Prioritization and analysis of processes

✔️ Jobs-to-be-done Approach

Process Documentation

✔️ BPMN method

✔️ Process Documentation and needed documents

Benefits and KPIs

✔️ Benefits and goals of Process Automation

✔️ Measuring instruments and KPIs of automation projects

✔️ Cost-Benefit-Analysis

Tools & Technologies

✔️ Most relevant automation technologies and players in the market

✔️ Important Tools for each technology

✔️ No Code / Low Code, Process Mining, RPA, IPaaS & AI

Change Management

✔️ Efficient Change Management

✔️ Identifying and addressing of relevant stakeholders

✔️ Tools and measures to apply

Who is the

Automation Agent


The learning track is aimed at learners with basic automation knowledge. It’s the perfect continuation of the Automation Starter track. The goal of this track is to enable you to identify automation potentials and take it to the next level. You can build up your internal process competence and enhance process identification potential. There is an exam available to get the Automation Agent Certificate.

Who will coach you in the

Automation Agent


Jurek Malinowski
Jurek Digitale Prozesse
Enver Cetin
Ciklum Western Europe

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Automation Agent

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