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Artificial Intelligence Pioneer

AI Pioneer

Artificial Intelligence Pioneer


In this course, you get to grips with the fundamentals of AI, its development and history, and dive into practical implications. You learn how to leverage AI technologies within process automation initiatives and pioneer their use within your organization. You will get to practice your skills in hands-on sessions, using tools such as the Google Teachable Machine and the Microsoft AI Builder.

The AI Pioneer course focuses on the use of AI in automation and has a wider scope than our Automation Starter and Agent courses, which contain introductions to AI, but do not go into as much detail.

We’ll facilitate this track for you and your organization. This means we provide a live session for each of the modules below. This combined approach of digital training and human facilitation will ensure your team’s understanding of AI in automation is rock solid.

What will you learn in the

Artificial Intelligence Pioneer

learning track?

The learning track consists of 4 modules and takes around 10-14 hours of learning time in total. 

Here is an overview of the single modules:

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

✔️ What is AI?

✔️ Overview of AI Invention to Innovations today

✔️ Leveraging AI in Process Automation

Fundamentals of Machine Learning

✔️ Introduction to Machine Learning

✔️ Introduction to Deep Learning

✔️ Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Automation

AI Techniques In Process Automation

✔️ Conversational AI and ChatGPT

✔️ Cognitive Automation and Intelligent OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Applied AI in Process Automation

✔️ Ethical Considerations in AI Process Automation

✔️ AI Deployment and Integration

Who is the

Artificial Intelligence Pioneer


The AI Pioneer course is designed for beginner learners with limited understanding of AI technologies. It is suitable for all types of business users, from project managers and team leaders, to individual employees who want to understand how to leverage this technology in everyday work.

Who will coach you in the

Artificial Intelligence Pioneer


Alisa Kliuchnikava
Bots & People
Sarah Topping
Dr. Vasilii Ganishev
Mercedes-AMG GmbH

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Artificial Intelligence Pioneer

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