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The Learning Culture Revolution: How to Develop a Skilled Workforce

The Learning Culture Revolution: How to Develop a Skilled Workforce

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Join us in this episode as Thomas Tillmann, co-founder of LernHacks, delves into the transformative power of cultivating a strong learning culture within organizations.

  • Continuous Learning: Discover actionable strategies to embed ongoing education seamlessly into your company’s daily operations.
  • Employee Engagement: Learn how to enhance career growth, making employees eager to develop their skills, which in turn drives business success.
  • Leadership and AI: Explore how innovative learning practices and AI integration can prepare leaders for future challenges.

Unlock the secrets to creating a learning culture that not only boosts individual development but also propels your organization towards greater success.

Discover the impact of a thriving learning environment on your organization’s performance.

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00:00 - Learning Innovation and Culture. Thomas talks about the broad concept of learning and the importance of integrating learning into everyday work.

06:24 - LearnHacks’ Evolution and Vision. Thomas explains the journey from small learning hacks to a comprehensive consultancy, focusing on strategy, media, and academy.

10:30 - Learning in Large Companies. Strategies for intertwining work and learning in big corporations, including examples of successful learning cultures.

14:39 - Leadership and Learning Culture. The evolving role of leadership in fostering a learning culture and how CEOs and C-level executives influence learning initiatives.

22:00 - Practical Steps to Build a Learning Culture. Identifying existing learning practices, defining routines, and building alliances to support learning within an organization.

29:45 - Learning Culture Metrics and AI Integration. Tools to measure the quality of learning culture and the role of AI in enhancing learning and development functions.

34:26 - The State of AI in L&D. Survey findings on the current and future use of AI in L&D, with a focus on generative AI in creating learning content.

40:18 - Future Directions and Leadership Focus. Strategic focus of L&D professionals in an AI-enhanced environment and the shift towards becoming learning culture managers and advocates.

42:01 - Rapid-Fire Questions. Thomas shares personal insights on learning hacks, favorite books, and career reflections.

45:20 - Closing Remarks. Final thoughts on the importance of learning culture.

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