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Why Your Digital Adoption Strategy is Failing: The Key to Digital Readiness

Why Your Digital Adoption Strategy is Failing: The Key to Digital Readiness

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"We must think about adoption in a broader sense; it's not only about usage but also about impacting our business models, processes, and roles."

SAP's Thomas Jenewein goes in hard on why your digital adoption strategies are failing. And, if you're on the wrong track, how to correct the course.

Here's what you can expect from this episode:

  • Overcoming Adoption Barriers: Learn how to tackle resistance to digital tools and foster successful technological transformation.
  • Role of L&D in Strategy: Discover the impact of learning and development on shaping organizational strategies and outcomes.
  • Future of Digital Learning: Gain insights into emerging trends and the role of AI in revolutionizing L&D practices.

  • Thomas also gives a sneak peek into SAP Training Insights: Explore effective strategies for SAP adoption and integration into L&D initiatives.

    Have a look at Thomas' openSAP Podcast here, where he talks all about corporate learning & new work: https://podcast.opensap.info/education-newscast/

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  • 00:01:42 - Learning in a Digital World and Digital Adoption
  • 00:05:10 - SAP Training and Adoption Portfolio
  • 00:08:04 - Passion for Learning and Development
  • 00:10:07 - Digital Adoption and Organizational Change
  • 00:14:18 - Models for Digital Adoption
  • 00:20:10 - Practical Applications of Digital Adoption Models
  • 00:23:47 - Change Management in SAP Projects
  • 00:25:20 - Pulse Checks and Addressing User Readiness
  • 00:29:47 - SAP Enable Now and Digital Adoption Platforms
  • 00:31:54 - AI Adoption vs. Digital Adoption
  • 00:37:05 - Building AI Literacy in Organizations
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