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Expert-led live cohorts, workshops, and coaching journeys for building digital fluency across your organization. We make learning easy and fun while enabling tangible business outcomes.

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70% of transformation programs don't reach the goals they set. Almost 9 in 10 execs say they’re facing a skill gap.

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It’s time to change the way you work: train enterprise business users on vital digital competencies in AI, low-code, and automation.

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Digital Fluency for Business Impact

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Up to 70% of tasks can be automated, says McKinsey, but skills are missing. What’s more, AI can contribute over $15T to the global economy.

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Don't let your goals slip for a lack of IT talent! Save hours back to the business by training citizen developers to leverage AI and automate repetitive work independently.


Engaging. practical. rewarding.

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Most online courses suck. They have abysmal completion rates, of only 5-15%. They lack the human element that makes learning fulfilling.

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Bolstered by group dynamics, our cohort classes combine self-paced study with live sessions to keep learners curious, accountable, and eager to participate.

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Everything you need to make learning stick

We’ll tailor each learning journey based on your organization’s needs and level of expertise. You’re using technologies we don’t yet support? Get in touch with us.

Live facilitation

With blended learning, learners do homework before the live class and dive deep into the topic during the sessions.

Stellar content

Designed and curated by experts in adult learning, change management strategists, and field experts with practical know-how.

Expert instruction

With blended learning, learners do homework before the live class and dive deep into the topic during the sessions.

Skill asessment

Map out core competencies for individual learners or entire teams, and find your strengths and blind spots.

Gamified experience

No more passive learning: check your understanding with quizzes and practical exercises at every step.

Social learning

Cohort-based learning courses have a much better graduation rate than self-paced e-learning. Strengthen peer collaboration and innovation with group classes.

Project feedback loop

Shape new knowledge and improve your process every week thanks to a continuous feedback practice.

Capstone project

Turn workflow insights into process excellence use cases. Integrate new knowledge and apply learned skills to existing business challenges.


Learners must complete over 80% of the on-demand learning tasks and attend at least 80% of the live sessions to achieve certification.

Change management toolbox*

We tailor learner experiences for your team and stack you with a wealth of resources for making change happen. Integrate your LMS, create personalized onboarding flows, send course reminders, and more.


Cutting-Edge Software included in our Courses
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Hands-on and expert
AI & Automation coaches

Our pool of 40+ trainers are seasoned industry professionals who are experts in their fields. Your learners get hassle-free help with daily challenges from qualified mentors with practical experience and a passion for their subject.

Dr. Vasilii Ganishev
Dr. Vasilii Ganishev
Mercedes-AMG GmbH
Florian Kleinz
Florian Kleinz
Power Doc 365
Michaela Brandl
Michaela Brandl
Alisa Kliuchnikava
Alisa Kliuchnikava
Bots & People
Jurek Malinowski
Jurek Malinowski
Jurek Digitale Prozesse
Enver Cetin
Enver Cetin
Ciklum Western Europe
Mohammed Al Ghadban
Mohammed Al Ghadban
Sebastian Mertens
Sebastian Mertens

BUILD YOUR automation journey

With our broad selection of courses and specialties, you can create a tailored learning experience for the needs of your company. All while achieving the most relevant certifications in the market.

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Still not convinced?

THREE REASONS WHY you'll succeed with us



Each learning track is designed to develop deep skills and competencies in a specific area.

Seasoned coaches guide your business users through the learning journey and share valuable secrets from their practical experience.


Maximize student engagement with state-of-the-art virtual live sessions that blend social learning and interactive, gamified exercises.

Your learners work hands-on and apply the new skills to develop practical solutions for their daily work. What's not to love?


Tailor your learning journey to serve your business goals.

Whether you want to improve digital fluency levels, create an automation pipeline, or save business hours, you can track skill development and business impact to measure success.

Supercharge your management

If your automation projects get out of hand, we also offer the best practice automation pipeline method. Regain control over your automation processes and never skip a beat!

Health Monitor For Processes To Automate

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Case Study

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Placeholder Text. Do not edit. Slides will get generated based on content from CMS.Placeholder Text. Do not edit. Case Studie Slides will get edited via CMS.Download E-Book

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Case Study

Frankfurt Airport (Fraport)

Fraport joined forces with Bots & People and took part in a training at the Automation Academy. The goal was to educate Fraport employees on Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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"We got exactly what we wanted. It was strongly practice-oriented and that is exactly what I appreciate so much about Bots & People. For me, that's what sets it apart from other providers."

Sebastian Fay
Project Manager Process Automation in Finance | Internal Control System | FRAPORT AG
Case Study


Automation Pioneer Program: jointly organized by T-Systems International, RWTH Business School and Bots & People. The aim was to train technology consultants and sales staff in the field of process automation in order to build up in-house expertise.

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We particularly liked the comprehensive content coverage of the topics and technologies relevant to us as well as the inspiring lecturers in the virtual classroom as well as in the video. Our colleagues were provided with a holistic view of the topic of hyperautomation, giving them the opportunity to discuss their challenges together with the experts and work out possible solutions.

Dominik Ohl
Squad Lead | Learning & Development | T-Systems

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Learning journey

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Price based on track & learner group size

Set-up workshop for learning success
Individual skill assessment report
Academy access for chosen track
Live training: cohort, coaching, or workshop
Automation use case practice
Expert feedback
Capstone project
Course certification
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Enterprise plan

Price based on track & learner group size

Everything in the learning journey, plus
Team-level skill assessment
12-month full Academy access
12-month upskilling plan
Customizable learning journeys
Technical integrations and treamlined learner access via SSO
Change management toolkit
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Premium learner support

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