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Citizen developers

Empower your team by makimg them Citizen Developers

Citizen developers are employees who build automations with little or no programming knowledge. By upskilling your internal experts in low-code and no-code platforms, you can reduce your business teams’ dependence on your central IT department.

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Fill the skill gap

Forrester research shows that by 2024 the U.S. will have a deficit of 500,000 software developers.
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Build strategic knowledge

How to educate the right people at the right time for the right technology so that your company can get to its goals.
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Old way vs New Way

Bottlenecked by an overloaded IT team

Significant challenges arise through a shortage of skilled software developers and a bottleneck in the IT-Department. Finding that one helpful employee to solve your case becomes a treasure hunt.

Raise automation heroes
(Citizen Developers)

The treasure is right in your hands. With our expert guidance and learning tracks, non-developers can learn how to build a solution and solve common challenges in no time. Citizen Developers are the key to success.


The Educate Citizen Developers learning track covers specific automation technologies like UiPath or Microsoft Power Platform and how to use them to automate processes from your daily business.
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Modern didactics

Say goodbye to boring learning. Our didactical approaches uses modern, interactive E-Learning mixed with engaging virtual live-sessions for long-lasting results.
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Every participant can take exams in our Automation Academy. Vendor certifications like UiPath, Celonis or Microsoft or custom certifications are possible.
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Created and curated by experts

Our learning tracks are created, curated, and facilitated by top experts in process automation and adult education.
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Aligns with your L&D strategy

Our solution is integrated with existing learning management systems. Let's explore what works best for you.
Citizen Developers bring speed

Train your Citizen Developers and benefit from it

Bots & People is your partner to educate and raise citizen developers. See which learning tracks other organizations chose to succeed with their citizen development.

Tech Intro Advanced Level

Tech Intro

With the combination of our Tech Intros and the Use Cases in our Automation Builder Track, the learners are enabled to understand different technolgies and get a first feeling of what low code automation entails. We combine this track with up to 4 Live Sessions with Automation Engineers.

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Automation Builder Pro Level

Automation Builder

Whether you want to skill up existing leaders in the automation game or support professionals on their way to become an automation leader - this track covers it. With our set of E-Learning modules and 4 live sessions, we build up the future generation in the automated business.

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Automation Leader Pro Level

Citizen Developer

For this track we focus on a specific tool (eg. UiPath or Microsoft Power Platform) and skill learners up to real Pros! Over a course of 12-24 weeks we enable the Citizen Developers to solve their own cases and spare knowledge with each other. All cases are done in your corporate environment and we guarantee tangible outcomes that give hours back to business.

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