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The New Bots & People Platform: A Comprehensive Automation Platform for Businesses and Individuals

Discover the brandnew full-scale automation platform: Free Automation-Knowledge, the first Automation Academy and a Marketplace to find matching automation specialists and freelancers

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Bots & People

Published on

March 31, 2022

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We are proud to announce the launch of our automation platform. Up until now, Bots and People’s website was a consultancy and training ground for anyone interested in learning about automation.

Now, we’ve evolved into a full-scale automation platform, offering our visitors everything they need to learn about and implement automation successfully in their projects and businesses. In addition, we’ve launched an automation marketplace where automation specialists and freelancers can offer their services to interested parties.

Bots and People Bring Automation Closer to You

The purpose of the new B&P Platform is to provide a one-stop shop for anyone interested in either learning or implementing automation. You can access our automation knowledge base free of charge and connect with various professionals and enthusiasts in the automation community. In addition to the free subscription plan, we offer paid subscription plans for individuals and companies to take full advantage of our resources and knowledge base.

What You Can Find on Our New Automation Platform

Here’s a list of features and services you’ll find on the new Bots and People platform:

  1. Automation Services —  Explore the automation marketplace and find professional automation vendors, including developers, professional consultants, analysts, and coaches, who can help you automate your business processes. If you’re an automation professional, you can offer your services to interested parties via the marketplace. Use the tools and tech offered on our platform to achieve your goals.
  2. Automation Academy — The Academy features a range of courses aimed at automation beginners and experts alike. You’ll find a range of learning tracks, training, workshops, and tool & tech deep dives to assist you on your automation journey. The courses are created by experienced professionals who are also active as coaches and consultants on the automation platform.
  3. Free Automation Knowledge — Bots & People offers useful free content that aims to educate our platform’s visitors on everything automation, including blogs, ebooks, podcasts, videos, whitepapers, webinars, events, and more
  4. Automation Community — Our automation platform features a vibrant community of individuals who share a passion for automation. The community is always happy to engage in any discussion related to automation and related technologies and offer useful pieces of advice to level up your progress towards learning about or implementing automation.
  5. All-in-One Solutions —  Bots & People includes comprehensive support to facilitate discovering and automating your business processes. This approach is known as Automation as a Service (AaaS) and is an end-to-end solution for businesses interested in integrating automation and coaching employees on the subject.

The list doesn’t end here. We’re continuously updating our platform with fresh learning content, blogs, features, and more, so make sure to join our platform to learn about the latest additions to it.

Bots and People’s New Website Is a Win-Win Solution for both Individual Enthusiasts and Businesses

We ensured that our automation platform caters to the needs of everyone interested in automation, regardless of whether you’re a business representative or an individual looking to learn more about automation.

Moreover, we optimized the platform to connect vendors with people looking for automation solutions. As a vendor, you’ll be able to access a vast market of individuals and companies interested in integrating automation and offer them your services.

As an individual interested in automation, you can think of our automation platform as a zero to hero solution where you can find everything needed for automation implementation, including various courses, knowledge bases, and services.

If you check out our pricing page, you’ll notice that we feature packages for both individuals looking to learn about the platform and companies interested in integrating automation into their business processes. We also offer the popular automation premium accelerators consisting of in-depth training courses, workshops, tools, and services.

Our Guarantee

We provide several types of guarantees for our platform users.

First, Bots and People provides an automation infrastructure, meaning you don’t have to build an infrastructure of your own. We guarantee that our infrastructure provides all you need to kickstart your automation journey.

Second, every client who decides to work with Bots & People on automation will receive an Enablement Manager — a professional dedicated to the client. Their primary task would be to set up an automation initiative and manage your automation project from the very beginning. After that, they’ll focus on teaching the client to understand automation better and use our automation platform independently for maximum effect. We guarantee that all our Enablement Managers are automation experts who will commit their skills to your cause.

Finally, we offer a 100% guarantee for the training of employees. As part of the Enablement program, we’ll provide in-depth training so that your business can independently assess, optimize, and automate processes. Once you’re completely independent and can find and prioritize processes on your own, you can find everything on our automation platform to achieve automation as much as possible.

Final Thoughts

Bots & People has made the first official automation platform, giving both buyers and sellers to connect with each other and have everything they need to start automating at the tip of their fingers.

Automation isn’t just helpful. It’s also fun because you can focus on the important and creative aspects of your business while having automation execute processes for you. Say no more to boring and repetitive tasks and say hello to your little friend — automation.

Feel free to explore our platform and get in touch to learn more!

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