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Template: Change Management - Stakeholder Analysis

Change Management refers to the planned management of change processes from an initial state to a target state. People react differently to change processes and go through different phases of adaptation. Don't be surprised if you also receive negative reactions to the automation of certain processes. This is completely normal!

Your task is to respond to the different characters and phases. Good change management is the most effective driver of successful cultural change. And change is essentially about the people who have to implement the change and live with the results. People-centric change management frameworks like this Stakeholder Analysis Map help you break down the complexity of change to people to increase your chances of success.

With the Stakeholder Analysis Map, we provide you with the perfect tool to sort the different stakeholders according to their importance, your time investment and how you deal with them. This way you get an overview of who is really crucial for the success of your automation project.

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