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Technology Intros


With the modules labeled A-D, you have built the perfect foundation for your automation initiative. Now, get to know individual topics better through our various, specialized Tech Intros! Each Tech Intro covers a new, exciting topic to broaden your knowledge in the world of automation. The respective Tech Intros are accompanied by different trainers, each of whom is an expert in their field. These modules give you a better understanding of how each technology works and serve as a foundation to solve the cases in our Automation Builder track.

We do not facilitate learning journeys that aim at all the technologies at the same time. If you are interested to have a learning journey facilitated in depth for one specific technology (e.g. RPA), check out our Citizen Developer Program or reach out to us for a tailor-made solution.

What will you learn at the

Technology Intros

learning track

We have currently 5 Tech Intros available, each of them takes 1-2 hours of learning time:

E1: Process Mining

✔️ Basics of Process Mining

✔️ Concepts of data-based process visualization

✔️ Process discovery basics and analysis building

E2: RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

✔️ Basics & benefits of RPA

✔️ Deep Dive: RPA implementations

✔️ RPA myths

✔️ Tool Introduction: UiPath

E3: IPaaS (Integrational Platform as a Service)

✔️ Basic principles and most important tools

✔️ Advantages and disadvantages compared to other automation solutions

✔️ Tool Introduction: Make (formerly: Integromat).

E4: No Code/Low Code

✔️ Introduction: Microsoft Power Automate

✔️ Main components: Microsoft Power Platform

✔️ Hands On: Create a Power App

✔️ Integrate Power Automate to Power Apps

E5: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

✔️ Basics of AI

✔️ Realistic capabilities and possibilities of AI

✔️ AI and Process Automation

E6: Conversational AI

✔️ Basics of Conversational AI and Chatbots

✔️ Conversational Design and User Experience

✔️ Example Uses and approaches to Conversational AI

Who is the

Technology Intros


The goal of the Technology Intros is to get an overview of what the different technologies contain and how they work. You can choose to only learn about certain technologies that are relevant to you or look at all of them if you want the full picture. As this is just a first dip into the ocean of automation technologies, there is no certificate available for these modules. Each technology provider (eg. Microsoft or UiPath) usually host their own certificates.

Who will coach you in the

Technology Intros


Alisa Kliuchnikava
Bots & People
Sebastian Mertens
Florian Kleinz
Power Doc 365
Sarah Topping

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Technology Intros

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