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Automation Strategist


With the strategic learning track, you will become the master of automation. Become able to understand the economic impact of your automation initiatives, know how to set them up correctly and what to consider. You‘ll learn how to choose the right technology and how to orchestrate all elements in the best possible way. Furthermore, you get our best approach for not only setting up but also taking the organization and all stakeholders along the way. We‘ll provide you with experience from the field and get you to be able to pitch your first, own case.

If you decide to get this track facilitated by us, we’ll provide you with live sessions around these modules to train you to bring your first automation initiative to life. You will learn which strategy aspects are important to consider, how to talk to relevant stakeholders, how to choose the right technology, and much more. In the end, we’ll do a Pitch Parade together.

What will you learn at the

Automation Strategist

Learning Track

The learning track consists of 8 modules and takes around 20 - 25 hours of learning time in total. Here is an overview of the single modules:

C1: Economic Relevance of Automation

✔️ Economic relevance of (Intelligent) Process Automation

✔️ Most important figures

✔️ Strategies for Process Automation

C2: Automation Market

✔️ Introduction to the automation market

✔️ The relevant players in the market

✔️ Important technologies and services

C3: Automation Initiative

✔️ Explanation of the Multi-Vendor era

✔️ Project Management Approach

C4: Automation Strategy

✔️ Defining goals for an automation initiative

✔️ Definition of different organizational forms

✔️ Pitching Process Automation Strategies

✔️ Calculation of business cases

D1: Tools & Capabilities

✔️ The Capabilities Model

✔️ Dive Deep: Tools

✔️ Tool Strategy

D2: Governance

✔️ The holistic approach to Process Automation

✔️ Orchestration

✔️ Efficient support of the automation inititative

✔️ Decision Making: Technologies

✔️ Roles, CoE and Lifecycle

B6: Change Management

✔️ Efficient Change Management

✔️ Identifying and addressing of relevant stakeholders

✔️ Tools and measures to apply

Who is the

Automation Strategist

for? What do you need to know?

The learning track is aimed at learners with automation knowledge, you should be fluent in understanding terms like ERP, CRM or API. The goal of this track is to build up the competence to address and orchestrate automation initiatives from A-Z. In order to be a certified automation strategist, you have to hand in your own automation pitch within our academy.

Who will Coach you as

Automation Strategist


Andreas Zehent
Nina Appler
Enver Cetin
Andreas Schmid Group
Nico Bitzer
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Automation Strategist

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