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Automation Leader


Automation Leader


Understand the economic impact of automation and the current state of the automation market. Learn about the key players, how the robotic process automation landscape has evolved in recent years, and what the future holds. Learn firsthand about best practices in strategy and technology decisions, as well as the human resources needed to launch an automation initiative. Learning about the necessary technical infrastructure will round out this track and allow you to accurately estimate the time and effort required for your automation initiative.

We’ll facilitate this track for you and your organization. This means we provide live sessions around the following modules below. This combined approach of digital training and our human facilitation will ensure your team’s foundation and automation understanding is rock solid.

What will you learn at the

Automation Leader

learning track

The learning track consists of 6 modules and takes around 5 - 6 hours of learning time in total. Here is an overview of the single modules:

C1: Economic Relevance of Automation

✔️ Economic relevance of (Intelligent) Process Automation

✔️ Most important figures

✔️ Strategies for Process Automation

C2: Automation Market

✔️ Introduction to the automation market

✔️ The relevant players in the market

✔️ Important technologies and services

C3: Automation Initiative

✔️ Explanation of the Multi-Vendor era

✔️ Project Management Approach

C4: Automation Strategy

✔️ Defining goals for an automation initiative

✔️ Definition of different organizational forms

✔️ Pitching Process Automation Strategies

✔️ Calculation of business cases

C5: Infrastructure

✔️ The difference between Cloud and On-Premise

✔️ Deep Dive: necessary Infrastructure Roles

✔️ Examples: Microsoft Power Platform and UIPath

C6: Future of Automation

✔️ Brief overview of the automation history

✔️ Overview of the current automation trends

✔️ Prediction of the future trends of automation

Who is the

Automation Leader


The learning track is aimed at leaders with basic automation knowledge. Become a leader in the automation game and guide your team in the right direction. The goal of this track is to enable you to get a full understanding of automation initiatives. There is an exam available to get the Automation Leader Certificate.

Who will coach you in the

Automation Leader


Nico Bitzer
Bots & People
Andreas Zehent
Julian Beckers

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Automation Leader

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