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Automation Builder


During the Automation Builder track you will have the opportunity to see various showcases and understand how all technologies work in practice. In addition, you will also be able to solve some cases yourself - of course with sufficient help and sample solutions from our technical experts! You will develop a deep understanding of how to use the technologies and get to know the relevant tools like UiPath, Microsoft Power Platform, Celonis & Co. firsthand. We’ll keep on adding also cross functional cases which not only focus on one technology but orchestrate several approaches together.

We’ll facilitate this track for you and your organization. This means we provide live sessions around the following modules below. This combined approach of digital training and our human facilitation will ensure your team’s foundation and automation understanding is rock solid.

What will you learn at the

Automation Builder

learning track

We have currently 8 use cases available, learning timings are highly variable depending on your own progress:

F1: Use Case - Process Mining

✔️ Tool Introduction: Celonis

✔️ Use Cases: approach and sample solution

F2: Use Case - RPA

✔️ Tool Introduction: UiPath

✔️ Tool Introduction: Blue Prism

✔️ Hands On: Building a RPA-Bot

F3: Use Case - IPaaS

✔️ Tool Introduction: Make (formerly Integromat)

✔️ Use Cases: approach and sample solution

F5: Showcase - OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

✔️ Introduction: OCR

✔️ OCR component in Microsoft AI Builder

F6: Change Management

✔️ Real world showcase of efficient change management

✔️ Approach and outcome

✔️ Utilizing the ideas of the showcase

F7: Use Case - Power Apps

✔️ Tool Introduction: Microsoft Power Apps

✔️ Use Case: Timesheet application in Microsoft Power Apps

F8: Showcase - Public Tender

✔️ Step by Step: Use Case explained

Who is the

Automation Builder


The learning track is aimed at automation users who want to experience the different technology themselves. A technical understanding is necessary to solve use cases. For every case, we’ll provide a sample solution as well. While most tools (like UiPath or Celonis) have a free trial version available where you can train, some tools (eg. Microsoft) might require licenses. Apart from the use cases (where you get to solve a case yourself), we also provide show cases to demonstrate how certain real-life problems got solved with automation technologies.

Who will coach you in the

Automation Builder


Alisa Kliuchnikava
Bots & People
Enver Cetin
Andreas Schmid Group
Oliver Nagel
Bots & People
Nina Appler

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Automation Builder

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