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Human Resources Digitization Playbook

Together with the No Code/Low Code professionals at ESCRIBA AG, we show you how to meet the challenges of HR in this eBook.

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What does our eBook on HR digitalization contain?

Who is Escriba? Who is Bots and People?

Our eBook on HR Digitalization was created in collaboration with ESCRIBA AG, the provider of no- and low-code technologies and digital document management for HR and CRM tasks.

Introduction: What is HR Digitalization?

The introduction provides the basis for the eBook by first defining HR digitization and the application fields of process automation within HR departments. How can companies manage to gain an edge in the "War Of Talents"? What potential is being missed by both small and large companies?

Chapter 1: IDG study

Have you already heard about the IDG Research Services study "Digitalization in Human Resources"? The study gives you an interesting insight into the level of digitization in companies and the assessment and satisfaction of employees. In this chapter, you will learn about the most important findings and conclusions that emerge from the IDG study.

Chapter 2: HR Automation & Low Code / No Code

What exactly is HR automation? What are the types of automation and associated technologies? And what levels of automation can be achieved? The second chapter of our eBook brings together the topics of "HR" and "automation" and takes you deeper into the world of low code and no code automation technologies so that you can take the automation path that's right for you and your business.

Chapter 3: Use Cases and Competencies

Within HR departments there are different processes - from recruiting to onboarding and beyond. Many of these processes can be automated and thus simplified for HR professionals - without making the processes inhuman. In this chapter, you will learn which possibilities HR automation allows and which key competencies are required for this.

Chapter 4: Digitalization and Mindset

The correct mindset is the foundation of any successful automation. HR departments are no exception. In the fourth chapter of our HR Digitization eBook, we turn our attention to the digitization mindset. An exciting interview with Jürgen Erbeldinger, founder of the low code/no code provider ESCRIBA, awaits you.

Chapter 5: Ready for Digitalization?

Are you and your company ready for digitalization and the technologies of the future? The Feasability Checker by ESCRIBA is designed to help you assess your company's level of digitization.

Conclusion: Your future is ready!

Nothing stands in the way of your company's digitalization and automation! It's not just about technical know-how and automation skills. Our conclusion highlights the relevance of HR digitization and HR automation in more detail.

Who is the eBook suitable for?

This eBook is for anyone who wants to optimize their HR processes within their organization and stay ahead in the "War Of Talents". Recognize the potential of HR digitalization, get an overview of all technologies such as Low Code and No Code, Integrated Platform as a Service (iPaas), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Co. and gain valuable knowledge about automatable processes through use cases.

Which technologies will be presented?

Automation pops up in various ways. Get an insight into process automation software like low code/no code solutions, iPaaS, RPA, DPA or IPA and its application areas.

What is the focus of the eBook?

The HR Digitization eBook will help you if you want to get into the topic of digitalization and automation of HR processes. It will give you clarity and awarness why robots don't take away our jobs or make certain processes inhumane and instead automation can ease the workload of HR professionals.

Other topics of the eBook

Get an overview of processes that can be automated within HR and a holistic view of possible supporting process automation technologies. You will also learn why the right automation mindset is at least as essential for successful automation as the necessary expertise and skills. In particular, with our HR Digitization eBook, we want to teach you why people are at the forefront of any automation. We want to accompany you and your company on the automation journey and, above all, make you fit for the digital future and the "War Of Talents".

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