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Automation Learning Playbook

The free Automation Learning Playbook helps you build a holistic approach to sustainable process automation in your organization.

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What does the Automation Learning Playbook contains?

The Automation Learning Playbook contains all the topics you need for your learning journey through the cosmos of automation. It helps you build a holistic approach to sustainable process automation in your organization.

In addition to a classic introduction in the form of a definition as well as the classification of process automation in everyday business life and why it is so crucial for business success, you will gain even more insights into the world of automation learning.

Questions such as "Why should I build up competencies for automation internally in the first place?" will be answered and accompanied by possible strategies for teaching competencies.

You will also learn how to create a suitable learning culture and organizational structure that forms the basis of any competence transfer and thus also of an effective automation learning journey. This is complemented by an insight into the roles required for learning and where you can get the knowledge for this development.

Who is this Automation Learning Playbook for?

The Automation Learning Playbook is right up your alley if you're thinking about getting your business ready for the coming automation wave and not going under, but riding it successfully.

Which topics are presented in this Playbook?

The Automation Learning Playbook covers a wide range of topics and questions.

Here is a rough excerpt:

- What is Process Automation?

- Why should I build competencies for Process Automation?

- How do I create a functioning learning culture and organizational structure?

- What roles and training do I need?

- Where do I find the knowledge?

These are the basic questions that arise as standard in such Automation Learning Journeys and accordingly serve as a common thread for you.

What is the focus of the Automation Learning Playbook?

The main focus of the Automation Learning Playbook is to help you and your organization build Process Automation holistically and sustainably without falling into the many traps of an Automation Learning Journey.

Other things that I will learn in this Playbook?

An Automation Learning Journey consists of more than just knowing where to find Process Automation training providers. That's why, in addition to learning-related topics, this playbook offers you further insights into the many aspects surrounding digital process automation.

You'll get an overview of the various technologies that are part of this cosmos, such as RPA, process mining, iPaaS, and more. Furthermore, the Automation Learning Playbook offers you a dive into the endless possibilities that arise from the implementation of process automation in your company, but also obstacles that may arise on the part of the stakeholders and how you can reduce them.

In addition to the topics mentioned, there are significantly more, but we don't want to take away all the fun of your discovery.

Join the community

As a complement to the Automation Learning Playbook, we encourage you to visit our Automation Community to connect with experts from around the world and benefit from their experiences on your Automation Learning Journey. This playbook will certainly cover a lot of your questions, but there will be more that only experienced automation professionals can answer.

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