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Automation Consultancy Playbook

Process Automation is on the rise! Don't get left behind and get your consultancy ready for the Automation Consultancy Revolution now. Our playbook tells you exactly how to do it.

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What does the Automation Consultancy Playbook contain?

Introduction: The Future is Process Automation

The introduction to this e-book will first give you a rough overview of Process Automation in general. For this purpose, the goals, potentials and the resulting future viability of automation are highlighted - which can affect every company in the best-case scenario. In addition, short examples will give you a brief insight into the various possible uses of Process Automation.

Chapter 1: Why should consultancies offer Process Automation?

The first chapter starts with the increasing demand for automation within companies and interesting market data. How consultancies can leverage the growing need for Process Automation as an opportunity raises the question of the job of an Automation Consultant. What exactly is an Automation Consultant and what do they do? What basic knowledge and technological skills does an automation consultant need? And why are automation consultants increasingly needed? You will get the answers to these questions in this chapter!

Chapter 2: The Players in Automation Consultancy

This section gives you an overview of the players in the automation consulting market - from the newcomers to the big players.

Chapter 3: How consultancies build skills for Process Automation

In this chapter, you learn how consultants build skills for Process Automation and how our certifications as Automation Starter, Automation Agent or Automation Strategist can take you to the next skill level.

Chapter 4: The Future of Automation Consultancy

More and more companies are choosing to automate repetitive processes. The question is - When will you decide to start your Automation Consultant education?

Who is the eBook suitable for?

The Automation Consultancy Playbook is primarily aimed at consultancies that want to prepare for the coming automation wave. In particular, the eBook is suitable for the internal Learning & Development department, which is always on the lookout for sought-after consulting skills on the part of potential customers. Nevertheless, the e-book also helps people from other areas to get an overview of the possibilities of process automation, the current market and training opportunities.

Automation Consulting

In the world of digitalization and the increasing need for process automation within companies, the demand for suitable specialists and talents who have seen through the topic of automation is also increasing. This is where Automation Consulting come into play.

What is the focus of this eBook?

The Automation Consultancy Playbook provides you with an overview of the ever-growing need for process automation and the associated need for competent automation consultancies. Expand your competencies in the area of automation and take yourself and your consultancy to a new level!

Other topics of the Automation Consultancy Playbook

The Automation Consultancy Playbook is designed to help you and your consultancy build competencies in Process Automation - starting with the identification of the increasing relevance of Process Automation up to a closer look at the profession of an Automation Consultant. In particular, you will learn how consultancies build their skills in automation and what a glorious future awaits an automation consultant. Even if you're in a different field, the Automation Consultancy Playbook is a great way to get an overview of Process Automation, the current Automation-Market, and training opportunities.

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