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Process Discovery Workshop

In the free 60-minute Process Discovery Workshop, we will discover together the automation potentials of the processes you have brought with you and show you strategies, costs, potential problems and solutions as well as advantages of an implementation. The Process Discovery Workshop is the first step on the path of any automation and is subordinated to a single question: Is the process worth automating, and if so, what is the best way to implement it?

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Within 60 minutes we provide you with:

  • An analysis of the processes you have brought with you,
  • Classification according to automation potentials,
  • Possible strategies and recommendations for action,
  • Identification of possible stumbling blocks, costs and time expenditure Stolperfallen,
  • and, of course, answers to other questions relevant to you.


After you have filled out the form, you will receive an email with further information and assistance for the pre-selection of company processes for the 60-minute Process Discovery Workshop.

The workshop itself runs as follows:

  1. Presentation of relevant processes for automation
  2. Q&A on system landscape, software and process flows
  3. First assessments of automation potentials and relevant KPIs
  4. Follow-up: Strategy for automating the processes with recommendations for action

Target Audience

The workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to eliminate inefficient processes and free employees from repetitive tasks.

IMPORTANT: We automate for people and never against them.


  • You have at least one process in mind that you want to automate
  • You are responsible for the process or carry it out yourself
  • You deal in advance with our guide for the identification of automation potentials (approx. 30 minutes)


In the mail you can flexibly choose a one-hour appointment that suits you.

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