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Automation Unbuzzed: Integration Platform as a Service - Ipaas

iPaaS - Integration-Platform-as-a-Service - Ebook

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What does the Integration Platform as a Service - IPaaS basics eBook contain?

Introduction: What is Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)?

The introduction of the eBook lays the foundation for all further chapters by first addressing the question of what iPaaS actually is. In addition to the basic definition of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), you will learn more about the goals that can be achieved with this technology, its fields of application, and the difference to Software as a Service (SaaS) and the so-called On Premises or Product as a Service (PaaS).

Chapter 1: Advantages of iPaaS

What solutions does iPaaS offer as a technology and what exactly are workflow automations? And what are the concrete competitive advantages for companies that use iPaaS? The first chapter of our iPaaS 1x1 eBook brings light into the darkness.

Chapter 2: Possibilities of iPaaS

In this chapter you will get an overview of all integration possibilities and also the flexibility and simplicity that iPaaS technologies bring to the table.

Chapter 3: Practical examples

In order not to leave the topic of iPaaS as an abstract construct, this chapter, as the name already suggests, presents concrete examples from practice. Based on these, you should get a feeling for which possible processes can be automated using iPaaS.

Chapter 4: Agony of choice

Choosing a perfect iPaaS solution requires consideration of three key features. In this chapter you will find out which providers are floating around in the iPaaS jungle.

Conclusion: iPaaS revolution?

The last chapter of the iPaaS 1x1 eBook emphasizes the future viability of the technology and gives you a short and crisp classification of it in the near future.

Who is the eBook suitable for?

The iPaaS 1x1 eBook is for anyone who wants to eliminate time-consuming and mundane processes from their daily routine and deepen their knowledge of cloud automation. Build valuable skills and help you and your business maximize customer satisfaction as well as employee productivity.

Which technologies will be presented?

Dive into the wonderful world of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) and learn how both cloud and on-premise applications can be automated. We introduce you to the top providers such as Integromat, Workato, Zapier and Co. with their advantages and disadvantages.

What is the focus of this eBook?

The iPaaS 1x1 eBook supports you in building up competence in the field of iPaaS. Whether you're new to iPaaS or an expert, the eBook gives you an impeccable overview of the world of iPaaS technologies and all the process automation adventures that could await you.

Other topics of this eBook

The Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) eBook focuses on said technology and aims to introduce you to it as a single part of a much larger cosmos of process automation. As the use of the cloud in enterprises increases, so does the use of integral tools to make workflows efficient and sustainable. Take your business to the next level and build valuable competencies in iPaaS and gain invaluable advantages over the competition. The iPaaS revolution is already underway - are you ready?

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