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Only those who invest in the present, invest in the future!

The digitalisation wind is whistling from all directions and is slowly but steadily swelling into a hurricane. This includes the topic of process automation.

In 2020, companies in Germany spent around €41.3 billion on training and upskilling. But how do you apply for these subsidies in the first place? We'll show you!

We'll support you in convincing your employer of the importance of process automation and your training needs. A classic win-win situation for you and your company!

At the bottom of the page you will find an email template that crisply summarizes the essential benefits and opportunities of process automation and makes it impossible to say "no". There is also a pitch deck that can be attached to the email or used in a meeting.

If you need further support to get your manager on board, feel free to email us at info@botsandpeople.com.

Together we can convince even the toughest sceptic!


Convincing Your Employer Email Template


Convincing Your Employer Pitchdeck